For a better way to store IRC logfiles.

So, suppose I have a long discussion on #kde-in on how to use the rebase command for git. Also I have a discussion on #kde-git in parallel. Then suppose after 2 years I forget some of the many uses of git rebase that I had discussed 2 years back. But I have a freshly installed distro and I did not care enough to backup that particular log file. And yes I feel frustrated.

So what to do about this? I feel Konversation should help the user by saving log files in an intuitive manner. Like after a ‘long'(definition of ‘long’ can be debated) discussion is over Konversation should recognize this and should ask the user for a file name for the log-file. The user should also be able to provide keywords/tags to associate with the conversation. This would provide the user for a more intuitive way to handle IRC chat logs, helping the user to take a backup of the required logfiles only.

Also there should be a way for people on IRC have their own chat history available. And this should not be limited to only logfiles stored in the hard disc. IRC chat can be synchronised with email accounts, so that chat logs can be viewed anytime without the headache of having to backup data. Will have to think about this later. Do leave your thoughts on this. 🙂