Solving “Too many pattern attempts” problem in Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket

So you might have one of those friends who just likes to play with the lock pattern on your android phone. And then he/she might enter a wrong pattern 20 times! What happens as a result of this is not pleasant. You will be asked to sign in with your Google account. But that won’t work. You will repeatedly see this message: “Invalid username or password” even though you are sure you are entering a correct username and password. I tried different solutions givenΒ  on youtube and other forums but none worked. Well except one where a “sucky” but working solution was provided. By sucky I mean having to factory reset your phone. That seems to be the only solution.

To reset your phone these are the steps. (I speak on behalf of Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 only though)
1. Power off your phone.
2. Press your volume-up button, your home button and your power button till your System Recover Screen comes up.
3. Scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset”and press the home button to select this option.
4. A confirmation screen comes up. Scroll down to “YES — DELETE ALL USER” and then press the home button.
5. Select the “Reboot System Now” option next and wait for your phone to reboot.

Your phone will then boot with all data wiped and all settings reset. At least you can use your phone after this. If anyone has any better solution do post your comments. Cheers. πŸ˜‰

Do refer to this documentation provided by Google as well. [Edited June 22, 2013]


227 thoughts on “Solving “Too many pattern attempts” problem in Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket

  1. all i did was type in on a computer to “recover gmail account” went on to the googlemail help service and following the options, used the more common email then used as a recovery email for the gmail account, if it works, follow it through, find it out, repeat process for password and voila, you get back on without resetting the phone πŸ™‚ hope it helps everyone.

    • hi i have samsung galaxy pocket s5300. it was locked i used my google id and passward. but it dosent works. pls give me a solution to unlock without loosing all my datas and apps. pls….

      • Hi I’ve also tried doing that but to no avail it still gave me invalid username or password even though I’m dead sure it is correct. Out of curiosity it came to my mind to try it again when my phone has internet connection , when my phone does have internet connection I have entered my gmail email address and password and then it said checking and then ask for the pattern lock of my phone and it worked it unlocked my phone without doing the flashing and reformatting stuff for my android phone , BTW it is Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket. Hope this would also work for you man so that you will not loose any data saved on your phone.

  2. What appeared following your instructions was “ONKEY 7S reset.” I even had to take out the batt because it won’t disappear. I can’t get past Step 2 because it won’t give me any options, just the black screen ONKEY 7S reset.

    If anyone could help me please, it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. i was in bhoolbhulaiya with a lot of suggestion that were rusty and did not worked. nxg technical department asked for reflashing and they also did not given complete software. my phone was locked due to wrong attempts made on locked pattern but your suggestion worked to perfection and at last in our journey of 7-8 hours we got a big releif. a great help…thanku vey much..can solve other android problems

  4. help pls.. y does my map is not wirking well at my cp gts 5300 samsung pocket whaht seems the proble.? is always indicate this apllication requires working data connection..?

  5. WOW.I cannot believe this…it worked after so many searches I came across this 1 and Walla it worked….I dont know how but all my stuff is till on the phone…Samikshan Bairagya,you are the BEST

    thanks very much you saved Me

    • whoe nc bro .. because i’m afraid to loose the important things on my phone .. even the pictures are still on the phone?

      • hi
        i had the same problem and i enabled the wierless while the mobile locked then i entered my username and password and its work , i didnt losed any thing
        1- call your cell phone from other mobile
        2- while the phone start ringing open the drop down and enable the wierless
        3- enter username and password for your google account related to your mobile

  6. ”user fault not kernel panic upload mode” thats the msg displaying on my screen after vibrating none stop. Plz help me out

  7. my problem about my samsung galaxy pocket my lock pattern is not the same in the old lock pattern in your steps i do it but will not new po pls.. i need your answer immediately thank you..

  8. plz cn yew help m abt hw cn i do to open ma passwrd galaxy s5300….coz i tryin mny but doesent work.. I need solution

  9. i agree wd erika mariel.i brought my cp to my servce provder and they wd chrge me 600 pesos and wait for amore or less a month.. that sucks! wish i could retrieve it today..

  10. I’ve tried it but it seems not to work,just wanna know how many minutes U guys held the volume up button

  11. i have now 670 messages . i cant open my samsung galaxy pocket, ur advice didnt work but i think that is right? but i also do the instructions step by step ?

  12. how can i scroll down? I’m sorry to ask this but i’m just a 12-year old girl :((( reply me please…………….

  13. well i tried more simple procedure by pressing powered off buttone once: then turn off flight mode and then enter ur username and password it will be accepted.i also tried on samsung galaxy Y android.

  14. yay!! thank you so much.. although im sad because all my data has been deleted.. i owe you one. thank you so much sir. :0

  15. Thank you for this very important education, i just reset my samsung galaxy pocket but i lost all my application.

  16. thank u soooooo much.. everything is in its, pics all the stuff.. except settings.. (doesn’t matter)…. Im so happy.. saved my 300 rupees… πŸ™‚

  17. thank you so much for helped me a lot and a lot of people.i almost gave up on my phone..God bless you whoever you are.

  18. Hello sir! I have Samsung Galaxy Wonder. It didnt work on my phone. When I did the Volume up – Power – Home Button, it keeps on starting all over again. When I power it on in normal state, a “trashcan” with android logo keeps on showing up. What should I do?

  19. I got the same problem and had solved with ur steps , its very good , but the same thing can be done by thief’s , then why is this ******* thing locks ? without no use ?

  20. OMG thank you for this very useful idea. :)) thanks a lot. im now in a cool temper πŸ˜€ your the best keep on posting on a good idea πŸ˜€ keep safe

  21. Sorry,, I can’t follow the steps please help me for this….. Ah! πŸ˜₯ do you have other steps that makes me easy to do it

    Please help me!!!!!

  22. hello i have Samsung S5300 and my little sister was playing and press too many pattern and now my phone is asking email which i right the it but says incorrect. what can i do, i dont want to loose any contact detail. any one please help to unlock my phone

  23. I just tried it and I got some message like ODIN MODE, CUSTOM BIN DOWN(0 counts then some downloading with caution DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET

  24. I did encountered the same concern just today , phone got locked up by not entering the correct unlock pattern a number of times because I placed my phone inside my jeans pocket. Also tried entering my gmail email address and password and I could swear that I did entered the correct details but it still gave me the “invalid username or password” crap message. anyway SAMSUNG this is very LAME very very LAME! So I went home turned on my WIFI and then as soon Ive seen my phone has internet connection indicated by the icon beside on the network signal I tried entering my gmail email address and password again , next thing it was magic. it asked for my unlock pattern and then it ask again to confirm the unlock pattern and after that my phone has been unlocked with all the data saved on it completely untouched and unchanged. I just want to share this to you guys so if this works on your phone then congratulations , if not you may try the resolutions given above by our friendly android phone users. information and education is FREE as long as there would be someone willing to SHARE it. keep on rocking man I hope I could help you with this.

  25. thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    thnx thnx thnx i’ve really no words how much did it help me.
    it really works buddy

  26. Hey guys!

    So I had the same problem, but what I did was, I turned on my Data network mode by hold/pressing the power button and tapping on the “Data network mode” button. That somehow enabled WiFi access and I was able to get past the email-password thing. Try it out! =))

  27. simple………. dialled 112 emergency no, which gave the chance to pull down the task pane and turned on the wifi, entered my google mail add and then followed my pattern.

    Try it.

  28. my galaxy pocket behaves bad when connected to usb or charger & vibrates when opening games then shows user fault not kernel panic upload mode then onkey 7s reset.How can i solve this.

  29. my galaxy pocket behaves bad
    when connected to usb or
    charger & vibrates when opening
    games then shows user fault not
    kernel panic upload mode then
    onkey 7s reset.How can i solve

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