Halley’s comet is no longer blinding!!

Well I submitted my first commits today for KStars, the first commits of my life actually. Was having all sorts of problems with Git and at last it finally feels like actually having done something!! 🙂 And yes I am loving astronomy!

Anyways, these commits fix the total magnitude for the observable comets. A new formula is used now by KStars to calculate the total magnitude: T-Mag = M1 + 5 * log10 ( rearth ) + K1 * log10 ( rsun ). This formula is available from the HORIZONS system in the JPL solar system dynamics web site: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi . Previously used H, G parameters are removed completely. H, G parameters are actually asteroid specific and not to be used for comets.

However, my next SoK target would be to develop a update notification system for recent supernovae. Have already written the python code to extract information from this CBAT website: http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/lists/RecentSupernovae.html . Yes due credit will be given to them for letting KStars use their data.  As my mentor has suggested, KStars would automatically check for updates (supernovae / comets) data everytime it is run. The user would have an option to switch off this feature. If a new update is found the user would be notified/alerted of it.

Well, and about the Light Curve Generator Tool, it is still to be fixed. Would look into that as well over these next few days. 🙂

🙂 Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Halley’s comet is no longer blinding!!

  1. Congrats on this milestone of the first commit. And tzanks for polishing one of my favourite astronomy apps. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks a lot!!! Your contribution is much needded and appreciated! even if not many people says it, believe that your work IS important. Thank you!!!

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