Almost one year after I created my account here, I strangely find myself writing my life’s very first blog. In fact after a day of getting to know and learn new things most people like me would like to share their experiences with others.

Well the day started late(or should I say early) with a terrible headache at 7:37 a.m. in the morning. Also thanks to some brilliant Bengaluru traffic jams I missed the first 20 minutes of the talk on ‘Traditional hues and Technology’ by Runa. Lydia Pintscher then talked interestingly through some power failures on ‘Let me teach you how to fish.’ She gave a lot of insight into GSOC and gave tips on how to approach projects. After that it was Kushal Das with his talk on PyQt which kept the day interesting. But he would have to admit that Ram and Mani, two 10 year old Python expert kept him on his toes. They were his ‘youngest audiences’ and today’s main attraction. Well then we attended Rahul Sundaram‘s talk on ‘Fedora and KDE- past, present and future’ which was again very enlightening.

Then after lunch it was time for something I personally was interested in a lot, i.e. lab sessions. Today there was a lab session on ‘My first KDE application’. We had to develop a simple calculator that adds two numbers and displays them. And then we were given an assignment on designing a similar application. We were basically supposed to calculate the number of characters entered in two text boxes and return their addition as the result. We were promised badges for quick completions. So I quickly designed the application and showed one of the organisers my code. They believed that the app. was working correctly and I got two badges with the cool KDE logo. I knew however that my app. wasn’t working properly as the result my app. displayed didn’t take into account that backspaces can decrease the number of characters. But anyhow it went a long way in developing a lot of interest on Qt and its power. I believe that is the aim of this whole event after all. I was reminded of how I spent almost an whole night last summer developing this same calculator on GTK2.0+.

However, it was time for the day’s ending keynote by Eugene Troune. For all those who were wondering who the hell was the person behind that cool KDE logo, well it was Eugene himself. An amazing artist himself, he talked to us about the importance of art in open source domain and how artists can contribute to open source.

Yeah, that was a pretty long first blog of mine after a long, hectic and yet a great day. Its time to catch up with some sleep now and get all set for day 3 tomorrow.